Monday, March 21, 2011

Look Familar?

This GIANT Sculpture is in Key West Florida. A first stop on our seven day cruise.
I knew it was from a Renoir painting, but guessed the more popular "Dance at Bougival". I looked it up and found it was from a piece called "Dance in the Country". When ever you go surfing you learn a little more about your subject:
In 1913 Octave Mirbeau stated that Renoir never painted an unhappy painting: “His whole life and his work are a lesson in happiness…Perhaps Renoir is the only great painter who has never painted a sad picture”. Renoir’s dancing couples seem to be exceptions, unhappy canvases. The frowning mouths of the women in Renoir’s dancing couples imply that Renoir was uncomfortable with the women who were dancing and in painting them, would not allow them to have fun during the activity.
You can read more these sad girls here.

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