Tuesday, July 26, 2011

King Fido's Faire

Whew! After months of planning, the 3rd Annual King Fido's Faire  fund raiser happened this past weekend. In spite of a rainy start the Medway Dog Park was filled with vendor's, park patrons, and their happy four legged friends.
This is my 3rd year as president of Friends of the Medway Dog Park, and my dog Lula-belle loves me for it. Above you see her shopping the Raffle Baskets, picking her favorites.
With funds raised over the past three years we had enough to purchase materials and have a shed build for our tools. Dan Bergeron of Bergeron Installations in Medway donated his time and skills. Dan is pictured above with the shed and his dog Paddy. Dan is an amazing cabinet maker, but don't call on him to build a shed. He built this one out of love for our dogs.
Lula-belle and Husband Bill won first prize for "Dog that looks most it's owner".

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  1. you have the big curly dog and I have the little curly dogs