Monday, December 5, 2011

GumDrop Tree or Bell?

Ever make a Gumdrop Tree? I thought it was a simple thing to do...NOT! If sister Sue had not been here to educate me, I could not have managed.
First of all start at the bottom with most of the toothpicks showing. Next row make the toothpicks a tiny bit shorter and nestle them in tightly so there no Styrofoam cone shows through. 

Easier said than done! I could not (nor did I have the patience) to control my gumdrop placement and I ended up with this loose looking bell shape. Working with pliers and a thimble this 8" tall tree took hours! (thank goodness I choose the small cone shape).

You see before you my first and last gumdrop tree. This one will be donated to the Medway Library for their gingerbread house festival and raffle.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha. I had to use pliars for my "veggie turkey," too. Speared my thumb once, and good!
    We used to make advent calendars with gumdrops. Draw the tree on construction paper, bite off the bottoms of the gumdrops, and stick! It was fun, easy, and tasty! : )