Monday, March 5, 2012

Shots of my Studio

This weekend I tidied my studio up for one of Rhode Island School of Designs Blog pages featuring some of the teacher's working spaces. 
The slanted desk with the light green covering is where I do all my sketching. The long white table is where I lay out projects and sometimes teach classes in my studio. I have all kinds of lights!

I have two banks of Flat Files for my many colored papers. They are labeled by color on the front of each draw. On top of the files are the copy machines and above them, reference materials and my collection of Children's books.

Beside my sketching table are CD's, small wooden file, paper holder, and a bulletin board. The big purple squirrel was made by my sister in paper mache. It was a character I created for the New York Surtex (Surface and Textile) show I participated in several years ago. The top of the acorn opens up to hold stuff.


  1. I love your studio and explanation of what everything is. Really interesting.

  2. What a great space- looks like lots of windows and very cool stuff.

    Could you please come to my studio and help me? I haven't seen the bare tops of my work surfaces in years. I think they were white...