Saturday, August 4, 2012

The making of a Hosta garden

 I've had my eye on this giant "Blue Angel" (to the left) hosta for a year now. I've been Thinking of splitting it and putting 1/2 of it on the right side of the garden path.
So I picked the hottest week of the summer and with my husbands help got to work.

First we dug out the commom orange day lily and a bunch of weeds on the right. That took almost two days! We added better soil and sifted what was there.
We split the Big Blue and added some other hosta colors. By next year it will look excellent...I predict. Husband Bill also reset the beginning of the path. Next year, or in the fall we'll move further into the weeds to expand our medley of greens hosta garden.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the yellow hostas in the shade too. Do you have a deer problem? I have a deer diner open 24 hours a day.