Monday, May 13, 2013

Fantastic Medway 300 Arts Weekend!

  The Medway 300 celebration was a hit. Two days of action packed performances and arts and crafts galore.  Over 1000 pieces from the school kids were hung all over the school and in the gymnasium. That's a lot of art! On Sunday I had a power point presentation followed by a craft workshop. Thanks to everyone who attended.
 At our stationary table where the potted pens were picked!
These girls were as cute and colorful as the flowers.
 Stationary table with cut paper art by Susan Novich and myself. And of course the potted pens.
 Carol Wood was our friend and neighbor crafts person. Carol sold her books and beautiful nature inspired art.
 Sandy Valpey, sister Sue and shopper friends pictured here.

Sandy and I had art chosen to be in the professional art show section of the event. There was an opening for us on Saturday night. So much going on! Sandy's picture is her nephews dog who lives in Medway. Mine is of our backyard birds. (I was not the only snacker).
Pretty sister Sue manning the table while I do my performance and craft  for adults and kids.
My niece Emma Harte and my sister getting the Sand art table set up. The calm befoore the storm.

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