Friday, June 21, 2013

Weston School's Wordfest

Each Year the 4th grade students of Weston have Jeff Kelley and myself help them write and illustrate a story about one of their memorable experiences. It is a project the students, teachers, librarians and families get involved with. In two months time the students have created their own 32 page illustrated book!  Before I talk to the assembly, the students recite a sentence beginning with letters from my name. How do you like the cut paper portrait someone has made (far right)?

Last night was the end of the project, and the school year. It's was a special night where everyone got together and admired the 200 books.
I'm posing with teacher Mrs. Margaret Allard in front of a board with art I've made as examples for the kids.  I teach them about color, composition, and how to simplify their ideas.

Below are a few book covers and interior pages from some of the kids wonderful books.

Teacher Mrs. Natalie Davis poses with a sample of a book cover sketch I did for her class. The subject was Mrs. Davis's trip to a farm with her students and a unruly horse.

I have been part of this amazing program for 18 years. What a wonderful celebratory night we all had. I applaud the new young authors and illustrators! Have a happy Summer.

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  1. Some great kid art there. What an inspiration you are.