Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Apple Time in MA!

It's that time again. Sister Sue, niece Emma and her friend Kelsey went to Tougus Farms to pick apples. It was the Disney world of Apple Farms, with Food, Animals and a Wagon Ride out to the fields! We sampled Honey Crisps, Crimson Crisps. Cortland, McIntosh and Gala.

My favorites are still Cortland for cooking and Honey Crisps for eating.

There are 28 varieties at this farm. Not all were ripe yet. Wished I'd tried the Mutsu, I hear it's a good one. Description is: Very large and green, tart to sweet. It tastes much like Granny Smiths that don't seem to grow in this area I'm told.
PS< Looks like fall, it is officially fall but it was 80 degrees! We were all over dressed.

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