Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sketchbook Pages

 One of my favorite events to attend and journal about are the Highlights Illustrators Parties. Here are two of my favorite. The theme in 2007 was "Buckaroos". I dressed as Annie Oak Leaf and Bill dressed as a Cow Buoy. The rest I hope you can enlarge to read.

In 2005 the theme was "Paradise with a Purpose". Bill dressed as A Pair of Dice with a Porpoise! I dressed as Gauguin's muse.

I also briefly dressed a grain of sand for a shy art director that decided not to wear his costume. I was happy to display the costume for him as I am always ready to "dress up"!

My most recent entry is off the big party I threw myself last month when I was Queen for The Day! I guess any event that requires some kind of costume ends up in the sketch book.

Stay tuned for Halloween! My very favorite Holiday for obvious reasons.


  1. Great to see these, Judith. Such a wonderful, creative, artistic thing you've made of your whole life!

  2. Love these illustrated journal and sketchbook entries!

  3. Terri, if you want to order additional books and mail the check to me, the shipping would be:1-2 books $4, 3-4 books $5, 5-6 books $ $8 per book. Email me your order.