Monday, May 18, 2015

Mandala Monday: School Visits

 This month I've been busy making presentations at schools in Massachusetts. Five days of school visits with so many creative kids. It's been wonderful.

At the Weston school last week the 4th grade halls were filled with Mandalas the kids had colored from Ms. Moffatt's Merry Mandalas coloring book. So many pretty colors here are just a few.
I love the color choices in these pieces!

I talked a bit about Mandalas, but the real purpose of my visit was to teach the children  how to Illustrate a story with cut paper!

 Before I arrive the kids have started a story that they will illustrate in cut paper for their end of the year project. Author Jeff Kelley and I have been participating in this program for over 18 years!

I show the kids how to construct a character out of colored papers, then help them with sketches describing emotions and actions. It's a great program, I look forward to it each year.
The pink sky looks great with those orange foxes!

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