Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Muse; Lula belle's 4th of July

The morning starts with the house decorated for the fourth. Flags a flying! Lula belle waits for the Model T to pick her up for the Sherborn Parade.  Lu relaxes in the back seat on the way to the parade. The knobs that hold the roof on make a nice little chin rest for her.

Waiting for the parade is always the hardest part. Today we where only the second out of dozens of cars lined up. As people arrived Lula belle got to say hello but she was ready to get this show on the road.

I do not have any parade pictures as it was short but very exciting. Lots of people and other dogs shouting, cheering and barking along the route. Lula belle behaved wonderfully  and did not bark at any of her canine friends. 

After we parked we took a walk back to see the end of the parade and met up with Bruce, an old friend of ours who meets Lula for the first time.

Lula has requested we skip any fireworks tonight and just watch them on TV. Live fireworks is not her thing.

Great weather for the fourth. Hope yours is excellent!

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