Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Poster Process

So here it is...a month in the making, my giant 22"x22" poster for coloring! The art went to the printer today and next week I'll have the posters in hand, printed on beautiful 80lb. acid free bright white paper stock.  They will be ready to stuff into mailing tubes, and send out to you, just in time for the holidays and our LONG winters! I am so excited to have finished before Christmas.

It was touch and go for awhile. I had four animals inked and placed in the four corners (Bunny missing in this shot). I thought it was okay but at 4:00AM the morning after I placed them, I woke up with a feeling the poster wasn't holding together as a unit. And the fox was a much bigger animal than the Squirrel, Chipmunk and Bunny. So glad I changed the animals to creatures that fit in a tree hole. Now it's a unit!
I was a little reluctant to let go of my corner animals as it took me an entire day to sketch, size and place the four critters!
Of course the hard part was already finished. The huge middle section was complete. I can't believe it was another 3 days before the corner creatures where set.
But what to do with my cute little animals after I spent so much time researching and inking? Timing is everything. I am having a studio sale this weekend and I will add the little critters (with their new checkerboard borders) to my sale for $25 each!


  1. Great post, Judy. The work is amazing and what an accomplishment. Great idea too!

  2. WoW! Such a lovely and wonderful painting! Fox is just awesome!

  3. I used to make posters. I have made a thousands of them. Now I'm working on an improving skills on a topic of an infographic and once I have found one at Writers Per Hour blog on a topic of Star Wars, there is so much creativity.