Saturday, February 20, 2016

Coloring about Town

I've been speaking at conferences, schools and senior centers about the joy of coloring.

Here are a few pictures from a senior center I visited in town. All ages of adults were welcome. We tried colored pencils, watercolor pencils and pastel pencils. The brightly colored bird is all done in watercolor pencils.

We tried cheap pencils and expensive pencils to see the difference.
 Because it was close to Valentines day, many people choose the owls with hearts to color. Each colorists interpretation quite different.

"Babe" (Dads nick name), is one of my favorite examples of how great coloring can be when you can't get around to do all the stuff you used to do. One can accomplish something beautiful and feel fulfilled right in your own space.

Here is Babe coloring with my mom Dotty on his right, and Flo beside mom.

I had given Dad a 22" square poster to color hoping he could finish it by the time I did this workshop. He made the deadline and I recently framed it for him.

This art colorfully thought out by a guy who spent his working years as an electrician claiming to have no artistic talent. Well I beg to differ, His color choices and application of the medium is fabulous!
Coloring is wonderful for kids of any age, from 5 to 95 and beyond!  Did I mention babe is 95 years young!

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  1. Great post, Judith! Spreading happiness and creativity!