Monday, March 14, 2016

Books at the Beach

Just dropped of some coloring books and posters at  Curiosity and Mischief in Narragansett RI.

This sweet little store is walking distance from the beach that carries gifts, books and lots of awesome greeting cards.

Decorated in pleasing shades of aqua, the store is nestled in with a selection of interesting shops at 4A Pier Marketplace.

 Please note, there is a big comfy chair for the person shopping with you in need of a rest!
 At low tide there is a sandy beach covered with cool rocks by the water. I love a walk on the beach and couldn't help but pick up a few little treasures for my collection of special rocks...Oh and a nice little nubbin of sea glass!

Beautiful old house not far from the beach. Great color on the trim!


  1. You look great- and color co ordinated!

  2. Great post, Judy! Great idea too. Nice to know what you are up to.