Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thornton Burgess and More

 On our way home from our gallery weekend trip, childhood friend Lugene and I stop at The Country Store in Craigville, and Green Briar Nature Center in Sandwich.

Green Briar is a home Thornton Burgess used to hang out at as a child. Thornton was a famous author   of children's books in the 1920's. It is said his popularity back then was comparable to Sesame Street of today.

His stories were syndicated in news papers from coast to coast. Toys, puzzles, games and dolls were some of the products produced under his name.
 In the back of the house is the amazing Green Briar Jam kitchen. Painted in it's original color, the kitchen with 10 hot tops still produces jam to this day.

Best of all you can get a group of friends together and a teacher will help you make your own jam! Now wouldn't that make a great ladies party?
 Here sits Lugene on the front porch of his great homestead. I LOVE the door.

There are also trails to walk and garden's to tour. Located on 6A in Sandwich. Worth the trip!

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