Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snowy day at St Catherine of Siena School

It was hit or miss as myself and two other artists watched the snow reports to see if we'd be able to make the trip to Norwood MA for St. Catherine of Siena School's  Book Week Celebration.  We caught a break between storms and we all made it to the celebration last Thursday. After a reading from my book "Caterpillars" to a well mannered group of kindergarten students, colorful butterflies were constructed and began filling the classroom.Moving on I helped the first graders with what turned out to be excellent self portraits... don't forget the rosy cheeks!

Meanwhile Jarrett J Krosoczka was entertaining a cafeteria full of older kids with stories from his books "Lunch Lady" and Platypus police Squad. While Robert Bolster, illustrator of some of the "Who Would Win" was in yet another room drawing for another group of older kids.

We were all taken out to a lunch by Jenn Rogala, the organizer of this great event and a children book author herself. It was a great opportunity to share stories and enjoy a delicious meal...the fried pickles were fabulous!

At the end of the day we meet in the cafeteria for a book signing and were all back home before rush hour and the next snow storm. 


  1. Looks like fun to meet other fine children's book artists, and of course, we know that EVERYone looks better with blush!!! : )