Saturday, February 7, 2015

Perspective Drawing at RISD

Have you ever taken a boring perspective class? I have. And I wasn't too excited about learning about more about the subject. 
BUT Sandy Valpey Cordts made it fun!
Sandy has a great slide show chock-full of info with lots of great pictures. Here she is setting up her Keynote show before her class "Perspective Drawing Weekend Technique Intensive" happening this weekend at Rhode Island School of Design!
I could hardly wait to try my hand at tracing the view from RISD's windows on piece of acetate. A great way to understand background middle ground and foreground. What a cool lesson!

It just so happens that this great perspective teacher also happens to be a childhood friend. Between getting her equipment up to her second floor room (elevator out of service!) we had a few laughs over our morning beverage.

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  1. I remember outlining on acetate as well... ah the memories. Thanks for sharing.