Friday, March 27, 2015

School Visit

A very busy two days making self portraits with the first and second graders at Brookside School in Milford MA. Here is Lisa Duarte and my self holding sample portraits for the kids.
Art teacher extraordinaire Lisa Duart is holding her portrait. She one of the most organized energetic art teachers I've meet. The craft would not have been possible without her and the hard working volunteers. OMG the kids art was so much fun to see finished! Here are just a few pages of their work.

 Ponytails, Noses, Eyelashes, the blond triplets (three friends sitting together). A few that looked just like the real kids...just adorable

Hair accessories, Cool boys and even a few masks and pairs of glasses. The imagination these kids displayed was phenomenal.

Two creative days I will not soon forget! 

And to top it all off I made the front page of the Milford News!

Lisa made an excellent Welcome Judith banner in my favorite colors! Does this woman ever rest?

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  1. Kids art and self portraits- What could be more expressive or fun than that?