Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book signing/Art Opening

Original Art and Giclees framed at TC Scoops in Medway Ma
When I originally planned on showing my art at the Ice Cream Parlor I imagined a temperate early spring evening. What I got was a cold night with SNOW! But that did not stop people from showing up!

 As a matter of fact every seat was filled with patrons coloring and enjoying Tina's delicious ice cream.

Here is artist Ellen Keiter in the background coloring with my young friends Shenaid and Aoifa at one table.

At another table siblings Nick and Emily did a fabulous job on the Love Bird coloring page.


Emily and Nicks finished "Love Birds" page
Teenagers Nick and Emily begin
Aiofa's "Welcome Spring" page
Shenaid's  "Bushy Tails" page 
Robert Sewall

I had a big surprise when Robert, one of my RISD Students showed up all the way from New Bedford. I begged him to bring in his life size paper sculpture to show me. Amazing!


  1. What a fantastic turn out on such a cold day! Your mandalas look great all framed up, and everyone had fun creating their own too.
    And the life size paper sculpture looks amazing. What a happy event :)

  2. Fantastic! What a good time for everyone!

  3. Beautiful! Looks like so much fun, so sorry I had another commitment. The life size paper sculpture is amazing. ( He must have had a very special teacher!)

  4. Beautiful . Sure wish I could have come , looks like a lot of fun. Love the sculpture! ( must have had a great teacher)