Saturday, August 15, 2015

Personalized Mermaids Swimming into Etsy in Three styles.

A customer asked if I could personalize one of my Mermaid Giclees for a little girl who's brother was getting one of my hand lettered baby Mandalas
Hand printed personalization across the bottom of the art.
Well of course! Why hadn't I thought of that!

So until December 2016 all Mandalas can be personalized for FREE. Thanks Melissa for the great idea!

We decided on: FOR SHEA THE SWEETEST LITTLE MERMAID! Now Shea won't feel left out when her baby brother gets his gift.

A Mermaids Tale
Here are two more Mermaids available on my Etsy site. I just can't get enough of the Mermaids! Three styles for adults and kids of any age.

Under the Sea
And if you'd like to color your own Mermaid. "A Mermaids Tale" is drawn in pen and ink in Ms. Moffatt's Meditative Mandala coloring book. "Under the Sea" is in Ms. Moffatt's Merry Mandalas coloring book. Also in my Etsy shop

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