Monday, February 8, 2016

A delicious Coloring Experience

Nancy, Marlene and Ginny are the first to arrive. All coloring enthusiasts!
A delicious Artful Experience was had by all who attended Ms Moffatt's Coloring afternoon at TC Scoops Ice Cream Parlor this past Saturday. Everyone got a free coloring card from my new "Ms Moffatt's Color & Send Greet Card kit" to work on. Or they worked on a section from my new 22"poster. Different kinds of colored pencils were available to sample so participants could compair the different brands.

After the cards were finished they mounted the art on colored paper and left with a finished card for their Valentine.

Young and older attended, all with fabulous results. Below are some pictures from the event.

Weather permitting, I'll be doing another free presentation for all young and older adults at the Medway Senior center from 7:15pm to about 8pm, This Tuesday evening February 9th.

Check with the center to see if it's still going to happen. 508-533-3210

Mary Weafer, her Daughters and friend.
Caroline, Dale and Andra
Mary with Dotty and Babe Johnson
Beautifully colored cards!

Sinead and Aoife. See their completed 22" poster hanging in the Ice Cream Parlor this month.

Missed the event? Visit TC Scoops and pick up your own set of cards and let the coloring begin!
Set of 4 original designs with colored paper and envelopes for $8.


  1. What a lovely event! Good company, and lovely colourings to do. :)

  2. What great photos and what a great event! YOu are full of such wonderful ideas!