Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Create your own Mandala or Come out for an evening of coloring

Come out and color! Check Keefe at night for a one night class in coloring Meditative Coloring for Adults OR a 6 session class Creating a Personal Mandala. Go to Art -Spring Semester- Judith Moffatt instructor.

For the one evening class:
Psychologists have been using coloring as a relaxation technique since the early 20th century. Adult coloring has recently become a popular trend and has been proven to to help relieve stress. Try out this beneficial activity and at the same time create a beautiful and intricate piece of art work to enjoy! 

Start with one of Ms Moffatt's printed coloring pages. Sample a few different kinds of pencils and create your own pallet. Tips on coloring techniques for blending and application will be demonstrated.

 And for the 6 session class:
 Ms. Moffatt's Mandalas are circular forms of art with repetitive images that make them easier to create. express your inner self by incorporating symbols, shapes and designs that reflect who you are. Or build a Mandala as a special gift for an anniversary, wedding, new baby or birthday.With Ms. Moffatt's prepared grids, your designs and patterns will quickly take shape to a memorable and meaningful Mandala.

Coloring is beneficial for all ages. Check out Phyllis's rendition of Woodland Hollows a 22"square poster available in my Etsy shop.

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