Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mandala Workshop Results

I met with the 20 ladies that were on retreat with their minister at the dinning hall, situated at the end of the quaint little village of Craigville.

We walked back to the Manor; a large antique house that sat atop a bluff overlooking the sand beach and ocean...beautiful setting!

Here are some of the mandalas from my afternoon workshop.

Along with regular colored pencils we used watercolor pencils and pastel pencils. The pastel pencils are antiques..."Prismapastels"... love the case.

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  1. Thank for your updates, and I especially love the intricate mandalas that were done. Have tried color but still need to practice as mine need work! And, I need to work on mandalas themselves,as Zentangle goes, they are beautiful to look at but not so easy to come up with! Keep enjoying your classes and sharing them, they are an inspiration.

  2. Thanks so much Patsy. Happy share. Excited to get such a nice reply.