Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weston Presentation #18

Joanne Simmon, one of the originals!
I cut and draw ideas for each classroom
This year marks my 18th year of presentations at the fabulous Field School in Weston. It is a bitter sweet year, as it is the first time the man who made up the other half of this program passed away suddenly this fall.

The very clever, funny, Jeff Kelley had been coming to the school (long before I started) to teach the 4th graders how to write a story about themselves. Then I'd follow and teach the kids how to illustrate their stories in cut paper. We were a team, and he is greatly missed.

This has been a successful program that we all look forward to each year. It wraps up the school year for teachers, authors, artists and kids with a wonderful product; a bound book written and illustrated by each and every 4th grader. What an accomplishment!

Joanne Simmon is one of the talented teachers that I've known for all 18 years.Their are eight great teachers at the helm of this fourth grade ship.

The sewn animals were done in Margaret Allards class. Mrs. Allard is another one of the original teachers I met all those years ago.

Margaret Allard's 4th grade class sewing project...adorable!

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