Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Self Portraits Spring 2017

These adorable, funny, clever, detailed, simplified versions of self portraits done by kids K-5th grade are the highlight of my school presentations. This week I visited St. Mary's Academy- Bay View in Rhode Island. The girls were a wonderful well behaved talented group.
They came up with lots of different looks. Checkout the hairstyles with all the adornments. Lovely lips and rosy cheeks.
 Eyelashes, Eyebrows and heads in all sizes. A beautiful array of girls. A wonderful day was had by all at Bay View! Special thanks to the talented art teacher, Mrs. Flanigan, who arranged my visit and prepared the supplies for our busy day.


  1. So cute! They must have had so much fun!

  2. These are so well done, and they all look great. I bet it was a wonderfully engaging activity.