Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Vacation Highlights

After all the Thanksgiving festivities, Husband Bill decked out his Model T Ford and we were part of Medway's Christmas Parade.
After the parade Bill our passengers and I watched the spectacular fireworks display from the Thayer House with our steamy hot chocolate. My coat is like a traveling down sleeping bag, but I was still COLD!

 I could stand a night of cold knowing in a weeks time we would be heading for  sunny Florida!

First stop was at our Friends Anne and John in cape Coral. The weather was a little cool but we had a great visit.

Being a nature lovin' freak imagine my joy when Anne and I spotted this Burrowing Owl on our morning walk! And the sweet thing posed for this pic!

What a change in scenery from the snow and cold to these beautiful palm trees in the setting sun. We were waiting for the lighting of the Christmas tree and Cape Coral's Christmas parade.

I did end up shopping at a few thrift stores for a few long sleeved shirts and light sweaters but the weather reports from New England made me thankful.

 After Five days with friends, we headed north to Venice Florida to visit Bill's mom. The weather was not any warmer but darn it we were going to get in some beach time.

We collected a bunch of fossilized shark teeth and a few shells. I made a Mandala took this shot then left most of the Mandala at the beach for someone else to find.

Sharks teeth are found all over the Venice beaches. They call themselves the Shark Teeth Capital! We love the hunt and have a huge jar of them from many many years of visits. Good bye Florida!

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