Thursday, February 22, 2018

It's not like I sit around coloring all day.

This caption caught my eye! From my friend Sandy Bartholomew's fabulous blog filled with her life adventures and great ideas. She is the author/illustrator of many Zentangle (and beyond) books. Check out her review of my book MERRY MANDALAS plus her step by step coloring of this beautiful page HERE.
  I have finally come to the end of my run on this delightful 8x10" book. If anyone is interested in purchasing any I have about 12 left. Contact me to arrange. My best selling Meditative Mandalas is still available in my ETSY SHOP, along with coloring posters, cards and a small portable coloring book. Check them out here Ms Moffatt ETSY SHOP.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Rockport Weekend

A dream come true! As a child I used to love to watch Salt Water Taffy being made on the pier in Onset MA. Two years ago year I discovered the cute little shop was long gone.  I  began my quest to find a candy house that still made it the old fashion way.

Found Tucks in Rockport. From the outside window you can watch the blob of taffy turn into long aerated strands. From the inside of the store you can watch the candy master feed these long pieces into the 1900's antique Cutting and Wrapping machine.

The results are heavenly bits of taffy delights. All flavors displayed in a wooden row boat that takes up 1/2 of the sweet little store.

BTW, there are only two Saltwater taffy shops on the cape left. I found one in South Yarmouthport on route 28 but the machines were not working at the time I visited. There is another in Provencetown, I have not seen. They make "Mermaid" Taffy their byline is: "Carmels of the Sea"! Don't you love it?

A block away from the bustling shop lined street of Bear Neck is this quaint little row of TINY HOUSES. One side of the street sports all these natural colored shingles, the other side has a few surprises...BAM ...color and lots of it on the new clapboard siding. I love them all! 

 Bear Neck ends with a pier and a walkway out to the ocean. A circle of stone benches provide visitors a place to sit and enjoy the breeze and scenery. Downtown is the beautiful Shalin Liu Performance center with the ocean as it's backdrop.

And finally the reason husband and I are in Rockport. The wedding of my BFF's son Matt and his now wife; Amanda. A fabulous time was had by all at the Rockport Country club. Dinner, dancing and desert following a sweet outdoor ceremony with a few good laughs. Great families joined together to celebrate the night way.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Tiny house in Gloucester

 I am in love with the idea of a tiny house. Could I live in one full time...probably not, but I can fantasize. This month my girl friend took me to her cousins tiny summer house.
This is the entrance beautiful heh?

When we got inside I got quite a surprise, a guy I haven't seen in 35 years was staying at the house! He is close friends with the cousin....small world! Ray went to Mass. School of Art, I went to The Art Institute, our paths crossed many times back then.

Off the adorable galley kitchen is the porch that is practically on the water. Below is a dock where we sat and watched the boats and birds sail by.

And who else lives in this tiny house all summer? Well a tiny dog of course! He is an Italian Grey Hound who gets cold quickly so has to wear a sweater or curl up in a blanket.

Everything was so tiny and cute at the house. The town of Gloucester was fun to explore too. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on our ride home.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

National Coloring Book Day!

Today is national Coloring Book Day. I've been doing a few coloring events this month so I'll be coloring at home tonight.
If you are going to be home too, download one of my free coloring book pages and celebrate the day! Go to my website: and click on the "Coloring Books" flower.

I had a Queen Bee coloring evening at TC SCOOPS last month. Some us colored Bee Crowns, others chose Chicken Cards or book marks. All of us enjoyed TC Scoops new Libations or delicious ice cream.
Have you tried the water filled paintbrushes with Aqua pencils yet? Join me on my next visit and we'll play with them.

Below are samples of some of works completed that night. Sammy brought her amazing colored pencil set that we all wanted...Zowie! My mom made a pretty Bee Crown. The young ladies colored cards.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Race of the Century

 The Collings Foundation presents: Race of the Century, Stow MA Transportation technologies from the last 100 years!

 And was it ever fun! The first race was against a 1867 Concord Stage Coach (purchased by Henry Ford and donated to the Wayside Inn), an early 1900 horseless carriage, A Bicycle and a bare foot runner.
 Husband Bill and Model T owner Jim, pose in front of the carriage as well as their wives. Ronnie and I were honored to be asked to be passengers for the RACE! Guess who won? The bike and the man running...almost a tie!

 Our Model T group of Five raced against each other. Here are a few more vehicles that competed...all for fun.
 A Biplane raced against a midget race car, a horse against some cars. It was incredible! Be sure to check this event out next year if you are local!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

FREE Coloring and Games at Celebrate Medway

CELEBRATE MEDWAY DAY is here again for it's 5th Year! Saturday July 15th from 2-9pm.

This year with the generous help of Bill Hoffman Naomi Price and David Brownell,  I've created and 8 page mini coloring/activity book, fun for every Medway Resident young and old!  Bet there will be a few Medway history type questions that might stump you.

Having done a lot of work over the years for many magazines including Highlights magazine for Children, coming up with the ideas for the pint sized games and hidden picture coloring pages was a snap.

Researching the information and arranging the book is where the team skills came in. Below is some of the paper work along with the sketches and ideas that went into this tiny booklet.

You will find your FREE copy in side Thayer House with plenty of pencils for coloring and filling in answers. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Queen Bee Coloring Tonight 7/11

Queen Bee Coloring for "Ladies Night" tonight at TC SCOOPS in Medway.

Join me for some tips on coloring with prismacolor pencils AND aqua pencils. Paint blend, learn some new tips tonight from 7-9pm.

Bring yourself and a friend. It will be fun and FREE!

Here's the start and finish of one of the coloring choices for the evening. I've colored mine, come and color yours.