Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Medway Arts Week

A night of free entertainment at the Medway Thayer House, for Medways Art Week. Friday 4:30-8:00

My Program "Beyond Colored Pencils" at 4:30-6:00, will feature on going demonstrations on how to enhance a coloring page. I'll show you techniques to use with special watercolor pencils that activate with watercolor brushes, pastel pencils that smudge, and blender pencils that blend several colors for a graduated effect.

Community posters to try these mediums will be set up for teens and adults, and posters with crayons available for the younger kids.

There will be other hands on arts projects along with music and dance at 7:00 PM. Go to: Made In Medway for a list of all events.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bunny Egg Hugger Craft

 In 2001, my good friend Lugene and her boys, Josh and Matt, came to my house to dye Easter Eggs.
An Easter paper craft of mine had just been published in the children's magazine  "My Big Backyard".

The craft was a egg holder in the shape of a bunny. I had successfully made this craft with lots of kids at my school presentations, and showed the Bunny to my egg coloring guests.

After coloring 4 dozen eggs we all decided we could make THREE DOZEN Bunny Huggers as name tags for our Easter dinner tables! A grand idea to accomplish in an afternoon...but we did it!

We had a blast! Here is how you can make your own Bunny Hugger for
 Easter Sunday, or any ol' day.

Cut an 8 1/2" piece of paper in half.

Fold the bottom edge of one of the sides up to the edge to make a triangle.

Cut the rectangle shape away to make the triangle. Cut carefully and save that piece.
Discard the top 1/2 of your piece of paper.

Cut a long triangle shape into the point of the triangle (while folded in two).

Fold the saved rectangle piece in half and draw a paw and a foot.

Cut out paper pieces for eyes, tail, ear centers, nose and whiskers.
Cut out the Paws and Feet while paper is folded in half so you get two of each.

Bend the triangle shape around a toilet paper roll section and glue or tape in place.
The toilet paper roll section will give the Bunny stability to hold an egg.
Fold tabs over on the paws and feet to glue onto the Bunny Body. Add the eyes, ear centers, nose and whiskers.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sketching the Gulf Coast

Escaping New England's below freezing weather, husband and I head for Florida!

One mission is to find a place to rent for 2020. We want the gulf side, but haven't seen too much more than Venice FL where husbands Mom and Dad lived. We've been visiting Venice for 30 years!

After seeing other areas from Sarasota to Naples we ended up liking Venice the best. So we found a house to rent and will take our dog and cat with us next year!
 The islands, or Keys off Sarasota are lovely. Anna Maria Island was beautiful and we were lucky to get a great 80 degree day.

 Another mission was to lay Bills mom to rest. Her ashes have been hanging out on a shelf with our dogs and cats ashes for almost 3 years. She is finally at rest with her husband and daughter in Venice.

 The weather was pretty cold for 1/2 our visit. I had to buy polar fleece PJs to make it thru the cold snap. I had not packed for 40 degrees at night and high 50's during the day!

All in all a fabulous visit. We missed incredibly cold temperatures in Massachusetts and got to see alot more of FL than we had ever seen before.

Back home today the weather has been pretty good, in the 60's. Best of all we are back with our fur babies that missed us very much.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

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Baby Mandala. Personalize with babies name and date. 

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Combining design, illustration and craft, Ms. Moffatt has self-published a series of Mandala coloring books and personalized art pieces. Each Mandala is created with an eye for detail and filled with symbolic meaning. Her latest passion for crafts has produced a plethora of whimsical pincushions with personality.


Five Crows Gallery & Handcrafted Gifts
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Sunday, July 22, 2018

My Garden

I adore my gardens. I should say OUR gardens as husband Bill provides most of the brawn that goes into their creation and maintenance. The shady Hosta Garden has three sections. Although not planned, the over all look is a big PEACE SIGN, with paths our dogs have created and we have added stones. Here's our new dog Ellie. We call her Ellie Font, she has very prominent ears.

This year we finished off the largest section. Next year we will attack the smallest  piece. 
The front garden is all sun, so this is where we can grow Day Lily, Balloon flower, Peony, Miniature Lilac, and Black Eyed Susan. All the gardens are lined with interesting rocks that I've collected since high school. I remember when I got my own home my mother said "and don't forget to take your rocks!"

Yesterday it was terribly hot and husband and I worked avoiding the sun. We were in a rush to finish as it will be raining here for three days. Perfect for a few of the plants I transplanted. One picture shows the bird bath, the other an overhead shot from the upstairs bedroom. 

This morning the rains began on schedule. The hanging plants are under the deck table so they don't drown, and Ellie is making a bee line for the door to get out of the rain. 
Hope when the sun shines later in the week we have time to get back to the garden. Working in the garden is so satisfying!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day Breakfast. Historical Destination.

Bill Hoffman proud Veteran
 Took my Vietnam Veteran Husband out to The Town Common Restaurant in Hopedale today to celebrate Memorial day. A young couple (who we didn't know) bought our breakfast! How nice was that? They left with out a word, we didn't get a chance to thank them

The Town Common is a new discovery for me. I am always in search of perfect breakfast spots and this one ranks high. The location, across from a park and beautiful old stone church is gorgeous. Breakfast is served on Fiesta wear in a variety of colors. You can watch the owner cook your delicious meal from and opening looking into the tidy kitchen, and the waitresses are amazing (one helpful gal helped me when I could not shut of the data sucking app Waze!)

Below is a bit of cool history about this scenic little town.

Outside Town Common
Hopedale Community a Utopian dream, becomes a self-contained Company Town

 Founded in in 1842 Adin Ballou and his followers purchased 600 acres of land on which they built homes for the community members, chapels and factories.
Ballou believed that he could create a Utopian community blending the features of a factory town with those of a religion-based commune. The community stood for temperance, abolitionism, women's rights, spiritualism  and education.

Fourteen years later the intentional community was converted into a textile factory town. The factories were purchased by George and Ebenezer Draper.

Inside Town Common. Refinished wood and brick.
The Drapers believed that good houses make good workers and created a model self-contained company town with one of the best collections of architecturally significant double houses in the country, built on hills and in valleys in garden settings which preserved the views. The company charged low rents, and provided high quality housing, impeccable maintenance and recreation opportunities. Workers left their handsomely designed duplex houses to walk to work, then left work to play in company parks or stroll along company streets.  

Side door leading into Town Hall. Stained glass windows not visible.
 The Town Common Restaurant is in the Town Hall. The architecture inside and out is grand. We drove around the town of well designed houses imagining what a great place it must have been for the factory workers of long ago.

The planned community with innovative 19th and early 20th century employee housing, remain essentially intact today.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Art Directors Visit

What FUN! I finally met Karen Lee, an art director I worked with on "Wild Animal Babies" put out by the National Wildlife Federation for many years.

Six years we produced an award winning section for the kids magazine that consisted of a poem, fingerplay and illustration. It was the best job I ever had. And one of the best Art Directors I ever worked with.

We had had great conversations about the work and other stuff long distance. Although we never met in person, I felt like I knew her like an old friend.

A couple weeks ago Karen, who lives in the DC area, came out to visit her Boston friends and I was lucky enough to be one.
We had tea and a yummy sticky bun that Karen brought us. She got to meet Bill and our new dog Ellie.  Then off we went to my  favorite new shopping stop, The Blessing Barn in Mendon MA. FOUR floors of consignment items!!! Dishes, clothing, furniture, housewares, instruments, records ...the list goes on. What a shop!

Karen got two dishes, and I got two giant brand new down filled couch pillows for a great price.

I have also donated quite a bit of crystal and china to this clean, well run store.
You know I can't resist a close look at the tea party stuff. this is just a little table...so much more.

We ended her visit at The Miss Mendon Dinner. An old dinning car that has been transported to the back of a car dealership. Excellent food. Homemade potato chips are the best!

I got to show Karen a bit of my world out in the country, before rushing her back to the train to Boston. And I do mean RUSH she was on the train 2 minutes before it pulled out Whew!!