Saturday, June 21, 2014


My backyard project. I have a circle of weeds and Hosta with a path thru it making a big peace sign. One wedge is almost finished. Today I took my friend Cathy to Fourth Generation Nursery. A place that is open to the public 3 times a year. They have over 200 varieties of Hosta!

We each bought two Hosta, but want to remember what we NEED for our August visit (last of the season).

Here is Cathy sitting beside"Sagae". I have this one and I'm waiting for it to grow this big!
 I am always fascinated by the huge lotus flowers. I use them a lot in my illustrations. They have powerful symbolism!

Below, Cathy is holding a pot of "Paradigm. we both liked this Large thick leaved Hosta. It has gold leaves edged in blue green with a puckered texture.

Here is another of our favorites. Montana Aureon (or Mountain Aureon). It is another large Hosta With arching wedge shaped foliage, green center with a lime green edge.

So many funds.

Can hardly wait to finish my Hosta peace sigh
Garden. Maybe four years from now... sigh.

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  1. The beautiful plants are almost overshadowed by you beautiful ladies! Don't want to finish your garden TOO soon! Lots of the pleasure is in building it, right? Your yard is a haven, Judy.