Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Illustration Friday # 42, Shadows, Turkey and Pie.

Lots of Thanksgiving stuff going on. Rhode Island School of Design's store was having a contest for the best "Turkey Hand" drawing. One of my future students (Claire) told me about it and encouraged me to enter. Well guess what... I just won! I will donate my Turkey art to Claire.
Killing two birds with one stone (sorry for the tasteless pun), I am also using the art as an Illustration Friday piece for he word "shadow" this week. I feel bad for all the poor turkeys this week, and keep my focus on the pies. My freshly baked pies are being watched over by a sculpture my nephew Sam made in High School. Isn't it great?!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. I love that turkey!
    Please add it to the PBAA blog. It is rather short of Turkeys over there.