Sunday, December 8, 2013

Providence Art Club Small Works Show

 Sandy and I began our artists studio tour at the Fleur-de-Lys: the studio that Sydney Burleigh built in 1885 to serve as workspace for himself and other members of the Providence Art Club. It stands out in contrast against the houses of clapboard tradition along Thomas Street near Rhode Island School of Design. For more history on this cool house click here.
 Anthony Tomaselli rents this huge space where he creates his incredible paintings.

 Our next stop was a building housing a group of artists. They each have cozy spaces in the antique building next door to the Fleur-de-Lys. Jeanne Sturim (3rd from left) uses pastels and oils. Here is a colorful display of some of her supplies.

 Kelley McCullough teaches painting in the top floor. She was demonstrating that day.
Below is a beautiful snow scene you see as you come in the front door.
Suzanne Reeves paints the most soulful animal portraits. I gave her a few of my favorite photos of my pets (just happened to have them on my IPAD). 

 A husband and wife team share a large room on the first floor. How wonderful to be able to get a second opinion on your work by strolling next door to another artists space.

Richard Harrington has a studio on the first floor facing the street. Lovely work.

And then on to the Providence Art Club. Check out the size of that door! Upstairs was the small works show that the group has every year. All art sells for $250 or less!
 So much art to look at! Christine Hannon from our Free Lance Artists group created the invitations for the yearly event. She and Linnea Lemming both had 6 pieces of work on display at a time. When one sells, another goes up.

We visited the studios and gallery's until closing time at 4:00. We could have stayed another few hours if time allowed. It was a fantastic show.


  1. Wow, what fun, I want to go to the art club...too bad it's 3,063 miles away (from Seattle). My wife, looking over my shoulder, wants to go to your Etsy pages. That's doable. Thanks!