Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3-D Paper Class at RISD

Here are some of the students and their art from the 3-D Cut paper class I taught at Rhode Island School of Design last weekend. All the art was well thought out and wonderfully dimensional.

Bob really took to the paper curling and gave his Angel a wild head of full of black hair. The wings he created were amazing!

Cindy's brightly colored piece looked very tropical and the humming bird looked as if it could fly off the page.

Andrea's piece is not finished in the bottom photo but she continued placing and pasting her many cherry blossoms and rippled water the next day.  A great example of simplifying a complicated subject.

Andrea say's she is already planning her next cut paper piece!


  1. I'm impressed! Wonderful finished cut paper art in a weekend--- WOW!

  2. Incredible! Are you sure this was their first cut paper class?

  3. very fun stuff, judy - a total success!