Friday, April 3, 2020

Abbreviated Florida Vacation

 The following is about my abbreviated vacation, driving from Massachusetts to Florida before we realized the COVID-19 virus was spreading south.
Here are my Journal entries for the 18 day vacation that should have lasted a month.

The first thing I do is figure out what to wear. How can anyone pack with out pictures?
 We traded in my VW bug last year for a big Subaru Forester, anticipating this long trip down the coast
Husband and I fit EVERYTHING in the Subaru with almost the whole back seat for Ellie our Airedale terrier!

We had planned on bringing Tinkerbell our cat. on this adventure. But she was so freaked out on our practice runs before the trip, we decided she'd be happier at home.

First stop is at my friend Mo's in Virginia. Lots of hugs and kisses. Still no real threating reports about this new virus.

A year ago we booked a great rental house in Venice FL. We could take pets, and best of all it was near "Dog Beach". an amazing place where you can bring your dog to run free and mingle with other dogs.

This was Ellies first time getting more than the tips of her toes wet. So much fun!
 After only 4 days of Beach fun, the Corona virus hits Florida. All beaches will close in two days! We spend one last day at the beach.
So now back at our rental, we are quarantined. That's okay, we have books, a puzzle and I have my sketchbook/journal to work on.

Back yard excitement. With a sound like gunfire a palm branch falls from the tree! Much to Ellies dismay.

Our trip is all about nature now. And there is plenty of new stuff to see!
While creating my shell/Sharks tooth mandala, a ANOLE Lizard drops from the tree onto my HAND!
Ellie enjoys chasing these quick little guys, that scurry all over the back yard.
 Everyday we take morning and evening walks. In the early morning we see Ibis birds pecking about on the lawns.
 In the early evening we follow the chirpy sounds of the Black Bellied Whistling Ducks.

Strange how they can perch on wires with webbed feet.
 Diagonally across from our rental, is a most beautiful garden with a HUGE living oak tree. There appears to be robust pathos plants, fern  and Spanish Moss growing wild on this behemoth.

 We have heard a new bird call, over and over again. Finally identify it as a Fish Crow.

I have never seen such an enormous cloud of yellow blooms! This tree is similar to the Catalpa tree I have in my back yard that is mostly all white blooms in the spring.

On one of our walks I discover this incredible snake plant, about 3 feet high!

Also what I thought were baby squirrels are actually full size adults. They are smaller than the grays in Massachusetts.
So we have kept ourselves amused in this tropical paradise. But now with the ever looming treat of COVID-19 we are cutting our vacation short and heading home.

This is a pic of my TV tray art set up on the back porch, where we spent most of our days.

I think we will try this vacation again next year when our world is settled.

This too shall pass. Stay safe!

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