Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why I stay in my Studio

 The snow just won't stop falling this year. With temperatures rarely getting above freezing, and the snow up to my knees, I'm happy to stay in my studio and make art. Lula-belle on the other hand loves the cold and the snow, she would like stay out all day in her warm fuzzy coat, but the fence around our yard is now low enough for her to hop over and I fear she might sink in the river just beyond the fence. Oh and in case you are wondering, the snow donut in the foreground is my deck table).

I don't usually get such a great view of this elusive yellow Shafted Flicker. Isn't he handsome? When he flies, the under side of his wings are a brilliant yellow.

And speaking of brilliant, my Amaryllis bloomed today. They are such a great holiday gift. Watching this plant's stock grow and grow and grow  has been so much fun. I planted it not long after Christmas and it is just now blooming, worth the wait! Looks like I will have two more blooms tomorrow!

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