Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bryant University Talk

I had a wonderful evening with the students at Bryant University the other night.

After the PowerPoint show I demonstrated how I construct a basic Mandala on their white board.

About 100 students opened their "Creative Sketchbook Challenge" books and began their own version of the Mandala.

Pictured in front of my giant sketch is Terri Hasseler, the professor of this 30 day Sketchbook Challenge.

I met Terri at a colored pencil class at RISD last year. Terri takes many classes and is constantly expanding her mind. I love how she has structured the sketch book challenge for Bryant. The students are making fabulous books with her inspirational instructions!

A special thanks to Sandy Valpey Cordts (perspective teacher at RISD) who reunited Terri and I and took all these great pictures at the talk! 

 A few students stayed after class and shared their stories and Mandalas. Alexandra shared she had just been to The Green Animals Topiary Garden (seen in my sketchbook presentation).
Green Animals is a magical topiary park in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. It is the oldest and most northern topiary garden in the United States. I suggest anyone grab their sketchbooks and visit the gardens if you're close enough!

Lauren shares a fascination with me for eye graphics. below is a close up of her Mandala sketch with the eyeball center.

Next week the "challenge" continues with Rob Dunlavey. A fellow illustrator, friend, and avid sketcher.  I hope to sit in on his presentation and learn more about his approach to sketching.
Rob Dunlavey

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