Monday, March 9, 2015

Play date at the Studio

"Going Buggy" Colored by Cheryl.
 Fellow teacher and artist friend Cheryl Kirk Noll comes for a visit. After sketching on an upcoming project, Cheryl joins me in coloring one of my new pages from Merry Mandalas.

I was quite surprised at how Cheryl's looked sooo completely different from the one I'm coloring. Notice the dark green square that forms mid circle on Cheryl's, I don't see the square right off on mine, more like 8 separate leaves.
"Going Buggy" Larger illustration in progress.

Brigid Boyle's Buggy's

Then Brigid Boyle has a completely different look by coloring the back ground leaves RED! I love it, and would never have thought to do that.

Rebecca Thornburgh's (another talented artist friend) colored "Poppies Hideaway" with the accompanying story about how I found baby bunnies hiding in my flower garden.
 Rebecca is not local, I wish she could come color with me!

Aren't her poppies beautiful?

Rebbeca Thornburghs "Poppy Hideaway"
Cheryl intently coloring.

 I love seeing how different artist color these pages. Do send me yours!

Mandala books on their way, some as far as Canada!


  1. I love your mandalas Judith and the variations (with Cheryl..yay!) that you show. I might have to make a purchase soon....

  2. Thanks Cindy, Join the party and send me your best finish. It's so much fun! Purchase and pick up at the studio is good too!