Monday, May 11, 2015

Mandala Monday: Inspiration

I am gathering ideas for a new Mandala coloring book. It is a surprise to see where my minds eye will grab ideas from.

Many times it's places I've been, or events I've attended that give me my inspirations. Here is the little outing that inspired the beginnings of this Mandala.

My recent trip to Mason New Hampshire was filled with exciting images, tastes and experiences.

A visit to Pickitty Place brought me back to my child hood. I recognized an old beat up copy of the Little Golden Book "Little Red Riding Hood" in the gift shop. Turns out the illustrator, Elizabeth Orton Jones used this very house and it's interiors for her rendition of Little Red Riding Hood in 1948!

 I was so excited to see and remember this book being read to me! What a treat it was to see the actual house it was drawn from.

For brunch four of us traveled to the other side of town to "Parker's Maple Barn". A legendary establishment that has an old working sugar maple mill where they make their own syrup. Best of all you can watch the process.

The Pancakes were delicious and the atmosphere was excellent. The tabletop we sat at was made from a huge slab of wood with part of a cow milking stand at the end.

Friends Michael and Corey got buckwheat and blueberry pancakes. Bill and I got pumpkin. The syrup was especial yummy!

All along the roadside to Parker's we saw an army of sugar maple trees with syrup buckets attached. Parker's has made arrangements to trade syrup for the use of their neighbors trees. How cool is that?

We also saw several covered bridges along the way and stopped to take this picture. A great day with a lot to work with.

I see a little Red Riding Hood Mandala in the future!
Miles of sugar Maples with buckets!

Wooden table with a place for the cow to place her head while being milked in the barn (on the right).

The old covered bridge

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