Thursday, May 4, 2017

Foot Surgery and how to Kill Time

A few weeks ago I went to foot doctor's office expecting to get a cortizone shot, and walked out with a surgery date! I had a Weil ostotomy to repair my metatarsal/Friebergs. All I can tell you is my second toe stopped bending and it was becoming impossible to walk with out pain.

Recovery estimate:  6-8 weeks. WHAT? No walking the dog. No driving, shopping Ack!
My neighbor Annie gave me this great box of things to do after surgery when you can't get up, so I would not be bored.

The first three days I slept away on drugs and then boredom started to creep in. Here is my first task: Start a journal of your recovery. The next random draw was post your journey. So here it is!

Lula belle has given up asking me to take her for a walk.


  1. I hope you heal fast. I'm sure you will deal with the inactivity by drawing and creating wonderful stuff!

  2. Been there but love your "self drawings", so true about the first few days. But, don't be like me, I tried using crutches more than once and fell flat on my face! Gave up on that and just watched TV and sat on the deck with my Kitties. Good luck with recovery, believe me, once you heal it will be all worth it and you won't even remember the pain, only the funny stuff?

  3. Ouch! Hope this heals fast.