Sunday, July 22, 2018

My Garden

I adore my gardens. I should say OUR gardens as husband Bill provides most of the brawn that goes into their creation and maintenance. The shady Hosta Garden has three sections. Although not planned, the over all look is a big PEACE SIGN, with paths our dogs have created and we have added stones. Here's our new dog Ellie. We call her Ellie Font, she has very prominent ears.

This year we finished off the largest section. Next year we will attack the smallest  piece. 
The front garden is all sun, so this is where we can grow Day Lily, Balloon flower, Peony, Miniature Lilac, and Black Eyed Susan. All the gardens are lined with interesting rocks that I've collected since high school. I remember when I got my own home my mother said "and don't forget to take your rocks!"

Yesterday it was terribly hot and husband and I worked avoiding the sun. We were in a rush to finish as it will be raining here for three days. Perfect for a few of the plants I transplanted. One picture shows the bird bath, the other an overhead shot from the upstairs bedroom. 

This morning the rains began on schedule. The hanging plants are under the deck table so they don't drown, and Ellie is making a bee line for the door to get out of the rain. 
Hope when the sun shines later in the week we have time to get back to the garden. Working in the garden is so satisfying!

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