Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weston's New Authors and Illustrators...and how they came to be!!!

For the past 15 years I have been part of a wonderful program at the Weston Field School where I teach the talented 4th graders how to illustrate their own story with cut paper art..
Pictured above are Pat Keogh who hired me all those years ago, and the school's Principal Matt Lucy.
There are so many people that make this such a special event including Mary Ann Mattoon and Terry & Sandy at the front desk. Thank you all for asking me back year after year!

Jeff Kelly (pictured below) begins this program by helping the kids write the story. I come weeks later to enhance their stories with illustrations. The end results are incredibly creative hand made books !! Please click on links in the text below for more pictures.

Author Jeff Kelley and 4th Grade Teacher Mrs. Brewer with some of the new kid's Books.

Two of the new Authors and Illustrators! John Paul Champa "Lost Skiing" and Camille Tulloss "First Catch?" To see more talented kids books click here.

Here is Mrs. Davis with a few of the wonderful books in her class room. For more teachers, librarians, and books click here.

Here is my name spelled out on cards the kids designed. They each recite a clever line about me starting with the letter. Note the cut paper portrait of me in the purple shirt.

At the end of the school year, Jeff and I are invited back to see the kids and their finished books. After a classroom play, parents, teachers, librarians Jeff and myself gather in the gym to thank WEEFSIE the people and funds that support this wonderful program.

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