Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Edward Gorey Museum

This was my third attempt to see INSIDE the Edward Gorey house. In the past I found myself on Cape Cod on the only days it was closed. This time I planned ahead! Just the down stairs is open to the public, but it's jam packed with moe than enough to see! My husband & I had a delightful informative 2 hour visit. Pictured is the Gorey House Cat. She is a 23 pounder! Edward Gorey was a lover of animals. He left his money to various animal rescue organizations. I'm told there is always a Gorey cat living in the house. Mr. Gorey claimed, life was not worth living without a cat!
The house from the side entrance. Notice the huge tree to the right (it's a magnolia tree).
The magnolia tree was planted in the late 1800's by the owners before Edward. The tree is not supposed to grow in the New England climate. But here it is, and flourishing. Edward's wishes were to be cremated and his ashes set out to sea in a wreath made from the leaves of this magnificent tree. For more info, and most important, HOURS, see Edward Gorey Museum, it's so worth the trip!

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  1. What a great trip this must have been! I can't wait to go out and visit it too.