Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RISD weekend Technique Intensive Class

 OMG what fun I had at Michele Noiset's Colored Pencil class (Michele on right). I went into the class thinking "what more could I learn about pencils?" The answer: "Plenty!" Our class was two 6 hour days. Artists heaven! First day we learned techniques, the second we came in ready to start a project.
 Here is the start of my project. I just love the effect of the pencils on mid-tone papers. I began with a gray paper but switched to this brown.  I'll post again when it's finished.

We met downstairs in the nature lab at Rhode Island School of Design. Some of the students used the animals, skulls or shells for objects to draw. The choices were endless!


  1. judy - everything you try and do, you are an immediate success - what an artist you are!!

  2. I wanted to take that class and I didn't. Ugh. Sounds like it was awesome! Love your drawing!!