Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beyond Cut Paper

Recently I decided to use paper in a different way. I always wanted to try Paper Mache animals. So here is my first attempt. Flying kittens!
I started with a styrofoam ball for their round little bodies, stuck in
paperclips for arms and a wire for the tail.

Next I covered them in wet Paper Mache pulp and waited a day or more for the pudgy pets to dry... then painted the base coat...and waited for them dry. Then added the spots and details...and waited for them to dry. Sprayed them with a gloss coat...and waited for them to dry. All in all it was fun but tedious..and I hated the wating for things to dry (including the laundry that I usually use this drying rack for). But in the end I loved the spotted kittens. Now I think I'll try Dogs.


  1. They are so cute, I love them. I wonder if you could use a blow dryer, or just patience. I dont like waiting either