Monday, July 4, 2011

Before the 4th of July, July 3rd.

With VIP passes Husband and I get this excellent view of the Boston Pops performance on the Esplanade. This is the dress rehearsal to the 4th of July performance. We enjoy the whole show minus the fireworks and the larger crowds that will come tomorrow night on the 4th.
After hearing the US Army field band and Soldiers chorus, music preformed by Norm Lewis, Michael Chiklis and a great sing along, Martina McBride sang 3 of her pieces. Then came the 1812 overture with the national Guard shooting off cannons, while the crowd was blasted with red white & blue confetti
At the very end we had a bit of fireworks over the Esplanade. SO MUCH FUN! Our VIP seats included refreshments served at our seats. YES seats! We didn't even have to sit on the ground. OMG!

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