Friday, July 8, 2011

Mill Brook Gallery Show

Here is my colorful corner arranged by gallery Mill Brook Gallery owner Pam Tarbell, (pictured against the rust colored wall)...
...who got my name from artist Ilene Richard with the great smile (wearing green), who is with another excellent smiling contributing artist Denise Ortakales.
Do these girls look like they are having fun! YES! It was a great opening at this BEAUTIFUL colorful gallery. If you are ever in the area stop by, you'll love it. The Sculpture gardens alone are worth the trip.
Alice and Linda My friends that came with me from MA with local NH gal Cheryl C. pictured below.

Other talented artists at the opening were Sandra Bartholomew (with the cool necklace she made), Will Harney (Holding his most excellent book), and Sarah Brannen in her lovely art space.

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  1. Looks spectacular, Judy! Tempted to hop right in my car and head north! Too many projects, too little time though. Hope you all had a wonderful time - sure looks like it! Fond regards to those artists whom I've met. And Best Regards to those I haven't. Looks like an amazing show and beautiful gallery! Congratulations to all!