Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tea Time

 The illustrator gals and myself celebrated our 16th Tea Party get together last week.  We shared our work, our lives and lots of good food on the cheery sun porch I call my tea room.
An added treat was the fruit Kabobs made by Susan (the cantaloupe cut into creative shapes). For desert I had a teapot cake made by my new neighbor who can be found on facebook at jennylyncakes.
Pictured in the group shot below: Me, Ruth, Ruth Flanigan, Kaylife (hiding back there) and Susan Novich. Missing where my dear friends Cheryl Kirk Noll and Dale Barsamian.
Thank you my friends for making this day another beautiful get together!


  1. Hey, I see a few familiar faces in that photo! Hi Ruth and Kay. And you, too, Judy, of course. I'm glad you're continuing the tea party tradition and I love that cake :)

  2. I'm so sorry that I missed this treasured tradition. And that cake!!! Wow.