Thursday, October 11, 2012

Frida Kahlo My Super Hero

This year the Highlights for Children Illustration party theme was Super Hero's. I chose Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. An amazing woman who in spite of living in constant pain from the age of 18, painted incredible imaginative self portraits and still lifes in her short time on earth (she died at 47 in 1954).

Visually she was a fascinating burst of colors and patterns. Her hair always adorned with flowers and ribbons. One of Frida's favorite earrings were a pair of large hands given to her by Pablo Picasso (check out my earrings).

 I loved dressing as Frida!

Husband Bill who always chooses a pun, dresses as a "Souper Hero". The can of soup on his chest reads CampBills and stacks on top of a hero sandwich. Watching the world through tomato slices this caped hero is ready to roll.


  1. Judy, you are a master of costumery!!

  2. You make a lovely Frieda! Although Bill had better shoes...

  3. But even Bill's shoes couldn't compete with those earrings. You are both genius costumers.