Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sept 15 King Richard's Faire

I started off to K.R. Faire with this lovey little bonnet I had bought about 10 years ago at another Renaissance Faire. The long ties can wrap around ones head keeping you warm and giving a fine medieval look.
While shopping at King Richard's last month, I found the pirate hat of my dreams. As I was about to purchase it, the millinery vendor asked if she could examine my little hat. She was very excited about it's construction saying she had never seen one like it.
So I got my dream Pirate hat for $10 less and next year the Faire will be crawling with my unique bonnet. I'm okay with that!

I'm not sure the pirate hat went with the rest of my attire that day, but was too big to carry. I feel a Captain Jack Sparrow costume coming on!!

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  1. Time to teleport back to the Renaissance. You look GORGEOUS in this outfit!!!!