Sunday, April 27, 2014

The better to see you!

 Okay I just got these super cool new glasses by mail yesterday. The online company is ZENNI. You upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on as many pairs as you can stand to look at...the choices are endless (refine your search). These frames are super strong with spring hinges, and I adore the color and style.
Originally I went to my regular large chain eye glass store who were going to charge me $100 to replace one lens. I thought "this is ridiculous, time to try this Zenni place". I got these glasses with anti-glare, scratch resistant, bi-focal, for less than the cost of one lens. Do check them out and send me your picture!!


  1. These look great on you :)
    I've just had to get new progressives myself, and the cost is very high! But my eyes are worth every penny... I keep telling myself that so I don't feel so bad. Mine had to have lots of technical measurements, so online shopping isn't an option for me :(

    1. June, sorry you can't shop cheap, but our eyes are worth every penny for sure! Having nearly lost my sight, I have a much better appreciation for the wonderful orbs that keep us going at the art table. :) Love your little bear profile pic!