Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Elm Bank Car Show

 Elm Bank is a beautiful place owned by the Mass Horticultural Society. Lovely Gardens, trails, rolling green hills and a children's garden.
Pictured is Husband Bill resting in the giant birds nest in the kids area. they also have huge chairs to sit in.

I was quite taken by the amazing color of this 1950's pick up truck below. I was surprised to find this was an original color. LOVED IT!

 Of course being a VW Bug owner I am drawn to the Volkswagen area. Here is a 50's van with a pop up roof. Sleeping quarters in the roof area. Once again loved the color "sage green" it was called. The black VW bug is from Germany. How clever to store the tools in the spare tire!

My dad was a Milk Man in the 50"s. For my photoshop class I attempted to restore an old photo not really knowing the details of his Milk Truck. And here is one very similar.

My dad has a rare 1938 Ford that is his pride and joy. Here Mom's teddy takes it out for a spin.

 Getting a tad bit hot and bored (my period costumed friend went home, no one to stroll with). So I took this selfie. Like how the sun lit up the yellow hat? Honestly I can only take so many hours of old cars in the heat. Until the next car show!

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