Monday, June 1, 2015

Mandala Monday: Gel Pens & Purple Pineapples

Here are a few tips on enhancing your colored Mandalas with Gel Pens.

Sandy Valpey Cordts piece "Love Birds" from Merry Mandalas has lots of dashes dots and extras added to her finished colored piece using light colored "Gelly Roll" and "Souffle" pens. Sandy colors very densely and the pens work well with her application of pencil. (Check out Sandy's photos on Instagram at ValpeyStudio)

Below I have shown how the pens work on a densely colored purple pineapple (left), a lightly colored pineapple, smudged with the "Prismacolor blender pencil" (center), and finally the lightly colored pineapple at the far right.

I find you can either color very densely, (covering all the whites of your background), or use the "Prismacolor blender pencil" for a similar effect, this more solid background will give the gel pens a better application (for my video on the blender pencil click here). As you can see with the pineapple example, if a lot of your white background of the paper shows through, or you apply the pens to a light color the effect is not as good.

In the reverse of this approach. You can use darker colored pens on the light surfaces, as you see in Susan Millers "Going Buggy" piece also from Merry Mandalas.

So get yourself a few of these pens and give them a try.
Happy Coloring!

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